Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week Fifty-Eight, Items 547-556

Balls 2-5

When we moved in a few years ago, my husband put a bunch of random belongings in the guest room closet. He finally started going through them and, unsurprisingly, has found that many of them are things he doesn't need. Among them: these four random balls. They are all too soft to give to our dog, who would just shred them up.

Frisbees 1 and 2

More things my husband decided he didn't need. We do still have two frisbees, but we certainly don't need four. And our dog doesn't care for frisbees, so giving these to her wouldn't do any good. Out they go!

Old style guides 1 and 2

These style guides were published in 1998 and 2000. My husband took them with him when he went to college, but by now they are well on their way to becoming antiques. I love style guides, but these are both a decade past their usefulness.


I got this bracelet when I was in college, but I haven't really worn it much since then. In fact, I haven't really worn any stretchy bracelets since then. It has been years since this bracelet saw much use, which means it can go.

Pair of hoops 4

Every time I put a gift on this blog, I feel a pang of guilt. But then I remind myself that the thought matters much more than the item, and that everyone close enough to me to give me gifts knows that I am de-cluttering. These are nice, but they are not quite my style (by de-cluttering, I've been able to get a much more precise picture of what my style is, exactly, by paying attention to what gets worn the most and what gets worn the least).

556 items out of 800 = 69.5% done.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week Fifty-Seven, Items 537-546

Teal earrings

There are a number of reasons why I should love these earrings (they're large, sparkly, and one of my favorite colors), but I just don't. The beads often wind up hanging at odd angles, and I don't like that the center beads hang down so much further than the ones on the sides. I think it throws the proportions off.

Flannel shirt

My husband got this at a thrift store to wear for a specific themed/costume party, and hasn't worn it since. I know that Seattle is the land of plaid flannel, but most of it looks better than this. So, back to the thrift store this goes.

Books 49-56

Books are definitely another area where we could (well, and should) do some serious paring down. With this batch, we've parted with 56 books, which I think is respectable for a couple of book lovers. Maybe I'll make parting with 100 books a goal for the rest of this year. That sounds challenging!

Progress: 546 items out of 800 = 68.25% done.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week Fifty-Six, Items 525-536

Blue shirt 4

I think a lot of things with pleats and ruffles often work better in theory than in practice. This shirt is one such example. Once I washed it, the pleats never went back to falling fully flat. I'm sure it's not really as noticeable as I think it is, and that someone else could get lots of use out of this shirt.

Headband 6

Apparently these headbands came in a pack of four, because I stumbled across one more. As I mentioned when I got rid of two of its companions in week 18, these headbands are too big for me.

Plastic food containers 8-17

This marks the last of our plastic food containers (we have gotten rid of more, but I'm not counting the amount that we've replaced with Pyrex containers). The drawer we keep food storage containers in looks so much nicer now! A big improvement over how it looked before. I'm sure there are still more things in the kitchen that can go, but for now, it's nice to have these all squared away.

Progress: 536 items out of 800 = 67% done.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week Fifty-Five, Items 511-524

DVDs 21-33

I've mentioned before that, though we've already gotten rid of a number of DVDs, we certainly could get rid of more. This stack of (unlucky?) 13 did not make it through the most recent round of cuts. Most of these were ones that my husband didn't feel the need to keep, and that contained enough violence that I wasn't interested in watching them in the first place.

Pair of hoops 3

These came in a three-pack with the two pairs of hoops I got rid of in week 47. The color is beginning to chip off these as well. But as I mentioned when I got rid of the other two pairs, I don't really wear hoops that often anymore. (At least not huge, cheap-y ones like these.)

Progress: 524 items out of 800 = 65.5% done.