Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week Seventy-One, Items 671-676

Shirt 101

Well, we've passed the 100 shirt mark! I can't believe we (okay, mostly me) had so many clothes that we weren't really wearing that we can donate so many and only make a dent in what we have to wear. Anyway, this lace-covered tube top was great when I was younger, but my 30th birthday is approaching far too rapidly for me to keep it.

Shirts 102-104

These three shirts also reflect what I wore when I was younger. But the casual/athletic combination isn't really my style anymore, so these haven't seen much use in the past few years.

Skirt 2

This skirt was a hand-me-down, and while I like the colors, the pattern is just a little much for me. So this didn't get worn very often. It should be handed down to someone who likes busier patterns than I do. (I'm really pretty boring, pattern-wise.)

Sunglasses 4

Seattle supposedly sells more sunglasses per capita than any other major city in the nation. Maybe it's because we can go so long without using them that we forget where they are and have to replace them. Anyway, I do have some sunglasses that I like, and these are not them. This pair can go.

676 items out of 800 = 84.5% done.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week Seventy, Items 665-670

Striped scarf

I love stripes, and I love that some of the stripes in this fabric are shiny. But this scarf is just too short. The combination of the ruffles and the short length feels too much like I'm wearing a Shakespeare-esque ruff. Not really a look I'm ever aiming for.

Cropped cardigan

I've had this for several years. But I own a number of cardigans, and this one probably gets worn less often than any of the others. Between the cropped length and the sleeves with the double ruffles, it just has more going on than I typically like.

Belt 1

I am not really a belt person. But I liked the colors of this one—I actually bought it just because I liked the colors, not because I needed a functional belt. I can't remember the last year I even wore it, though, so it can go.

Belt 2

This one was a gift, but again, part of this process is recognizing that gifts aren't obligations. It's another belt that's more decorative than functional. I also can't remember the last time I wore it.

Belt 3

I suppose this one is more functional than decorative. I remember it coming with either a pair of pants or jeans that I bought, but I don't remember ever using it.

Belt 4

This one is all about function. To be honest, I didn't even recognize it when I pulled my belts out of my closet. I did have a brief phase several years ago (2004ish, I think?) when I wore decorative belts on a semi-regular basis, but I never wore belts like this. I even checked the length to make sure this one wasn't my husband's.

Progress: 670 items out of 800 = 83.75% done.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week Sixty-Nine, Items 659-664

Beaded necklace

I got this necklace from Target. Obviously, it cost very little money. Unfortunately, I got what I paid for—I only wore it a few times before one of the beads fell off. It's not even particularly noticeable, but it bothers me, and I haven't worn it since.

Jeans 3

My husband has two pairs of jeans that fit him well, so he is keeping just those two pairs. This pair goes.

Can opener

Turns out, we actually had two can openers. The other one doesn't look like most can openers, so I didn't realize what it was. The other one is much easier to use, so this one goes.

Sheets 3 and 4

The words "she was good at folding fitted sheets" will not appear on my gravestone. Oh, well—I'm okay with that. We have a small rotation of sheets that we use all the time, and these are not among them.

Jewelry pouch

Well, I suppose this could hold something other than jewelry, but that was its original purpose. I have enough jewelry storage, though, so I don't need this.

Progress: 664 items out of 800 = 83% done.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week Sixty-Eight, Items 653-658

Air fresheners 1-2

Some people really like this style of air freshener, so I thought they were worth a try. And they were fine, but we never bothered with going out and finding replacement scented oil stuff to use with them. The only air freshener we really use is some baking soda in the fridge, so it doesn't make sense to keep these.

Pipe cleaners

These were in the cabinet with our office supplies (which might make sense for an elementary school teacher, but doesn't make sense for us). My husband used them as part of his Halloween costume years and years ago (he was a newly-discovered type of sea creature). I had no idea we still had these, but we definitely don't need them.

Shirt 97

I have tried on tons of shirts since I started this blog, deciding which ones to keep and which ones to donate. In the process, I've learned that certain colors look great on me. This is one of them. I have also learned that I like certain things in theory more than in practice. Cowl necks fall into that category; I like them on other people more than I like them on me.

Shirts 98-99

Well, we will definitely be getting rid of more than 100 shirts in this process. I have plenty more that I'll be going through at a later date, but these two t-shirts (it's hard to see the black one on the bottom, but it's there!) might be my husband's last contributions. I knew we had more stuff than we needed, but I didn't think it was an egregious or abnormal amount at all. But having gotten rid of 99 shirts between us, with more still to come, makes me feel pretty ridiculous. Why do we have so many things?

Progress: 658 items out of 800 = 82.25% done.