Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week Forty-One, Items 379-385

Chiffon scarf

I was recently a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding, and the bridesmaid dresses came with these sheer chiffon scarves. It's too short to be worn as a wrap, and too lightweight to offer any warmth as a scarf. I might wear the dress again, but I don't even know how this is supposed to be worn. So it can go.


We have a lot of towels, most of which are nice and matched. But we also have several older towels around, which we primarily use for drying off our dog when she has been outside on rainy days. This one can go, though, because we don't need as many "alternate" towels as we have. 

Phone charger

This charger is for an old, old cell phone of mine. If I still had the phone that belonged to this charger, I would send it in to Exchange My Phone for recycling. They donate a book to a literacy program for every single cell phone they receive. How cool is that? 

Magnets 6 and 7

I believe I've mentioned this already, but I love Washington State University. One of its claims to fame is Cougar Gold cheese. But it seems strange to have a magnet advertising their creamery now that my husband has become a vegan as well. Now that we have no more dairy consumers in the house, why keep this magnet? The other magnet is probably the most boring one on the planet, so it can go without further comment.

Star Wars blasphemy 1

I love the original Star Wars trilogy. A lot. But the prequels? Absolutely not. They are awful (and I say this as someone who is fond of many low-brow movies). Even actors who are amazing in other movies are terrible in these. And the less said about Jar Jar Binks, the better.

Star Wars blasphemy 2

Not only did George Lucas tarnish the original Star Wars trilogy with the terrible trio of prequels, but he changed many key points of episodes 4, 5 and 6 for theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases in recent years. There is such a thing as a final draft, George. Why not leave well enough alone? Bottom line: Han shot first.

Progress: 385 items out of 400 = 96.25% done.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week Forty, Items 371-378

Various magazines, 24-28

Still not quite done going through magazines. I hadn't finished reading these tech and environment issues, but now I have, and I don't need to keep them. I think this brings me to 65 magazines. 65! They really do add up quickly.

George Carlin book

I like George Carlin, for the most part, but I already have one of his books. This pocket-sized book is a collection of some of his most famous bits, but it basically just duplicates what's in the book I already have. Plus, this is kind of a novelty item, and—shot glasses aside—I don't care for those.

Pair of Cheer Stix

Once again with the novelty items. These were handed out at a sporting event and, as you can see, I didn't use them. On a somewhat related note, I wish companies would realize that intentionally spelling words incorrectly makes them look desperate and sad, not edgy and interesting (or whatever it is they're going for).

Nail polish 9

I love the color of this polish, but the formula is really thin. It's still sheer after two coats. I don't like the look of sheer nail polish, and I don't have the patience to use three coats, so this is not for me.

Progress: 378 items out of 400 = 94.5 percent done.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week Thirty-Nine, Items 361-370


I used these paints to make this sign for Seattle's Rally to Restore Sanity, but I have not used them since. When I talked about wanting to spend more time painting, this is not the sort of paint I meant. I don't need these, and I don't want them taking up space. Someone else could actually get some use out of them.

Blue tank top

I didn't wear this tank top all summer, so it can go. I love the color, but this just doesn't suit me. The ruffle is too big, and I don't like the way the back is cut. I have several other shirts in approximately this shade of blue; I don't need to keep one that I don't wear.


This is a piece of hand-me-down luggage I received. It's basically the maximum size for a carry-on, and it's pretty heavy. I like to travel lighter than that. This has so many pockets that I used to use it as a file folder for sorting and storing magazines. But now that we've gone through and cleared so many magazines out of our house, we don't need this. We won't use it for luggage, and don't need it for storage.

Outdated sailing rules book

My husband and his family are really into sailing, so I understand that my husband has some sailing stuff. But a book of sailing rules for 2001-2004 is not going to do him any good. I had not even seen this book until he gave it to me to donate, so that's a clear sign that it can go. If I haven't seen him use something in the six years we've been together, it isn't something he needs to keep.


Another item my husband had but wasn't using. I am not sure how he came to own this bell; he's had it for longer than I've known him. But it's just been sitting around, taking up space on a shelf in his room. He said he doesn't have a use for it, so out it goes.

Travel mugs 1 and 2

Prior to this week, I hadn't paid much attention to the kitchen while doing my decluttering. A quick glance, though, revealed a number of things we don't need. For example, these two travel mugs. I bought them before Howard Schultz sold the Sonics. Since then, I have wanted nothing to do with Starbucks. So I'm happy to get these out of my house.


I bought this in 2006 or 2007, when I first became interested in cooking. I can recall using it twice. We eat a ton of vegetables, but we typically eat them raw, roasted, or in stir fry or soup. We rarely steam them. If for some reason we want to do that, a pot will do the job just fine. No need to have a separate appliance—especially one that is so bulky.

Immersion blender

Another appliance we don't need. We have a large food processor that we love and use often. It is well worth the cupboard space it occupies. An immersion blender is a good idea, but it isn't something we need. It's not hard to puree soup using the food processor, so this immersion blender can go.

Large space heater

And another item that we don't need because it duplicates things we already have. With the way our house is laid out, we have found that space heaters are actually the most effective heating method (in conjunction with insulated drapes, which are actually really great at keeping heat out during the summer, and in during the winter). We have two space heaters that are very small, and one that is somewhat tall and skinny. This one is large and cumbersome, and not as efficient as the others. So it can go.

Progress: 370 items out of 400 = 92.5% done.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week Thirty-Eight, Items 351-360

Various magazines 17-23

More magazines. (I think they must secretly multiply at night or something.) I'm sure there are more lurking around our house still, but I think we are mostly done clearing them out now. Phew! I can't believe that we had so many.

Curling iron

I bought this curling iron for my sister-in-law's wedding. She's not really into fashion or beauty, and so had few supplies for getting ready the day of her wedding. I kept it until recently, because I was a bridesmaid in another wedding as well. But that one was last weekend, so I don't need to keep this anymore. My hair is wavy/curly on its own, so I'm giving this to someone who uses curling irons regularly.

Flat iron

Another styling tool I don't need to keep. I sometimes get my hair styled straight after getting it cut, but I never straighten it myself. It takes me forever, because my hair is pretty thick, and I just don't think it's a good use of my time. I honestly cannot remember the last time I used this. Maybe 2007 or 2008? Clearly, it can go!


This pretty little notebook was a gift, and I actually really like it. But the pages aren't lined, and I guess I am too left-brained for unlined paper. I'm a list person, not a doodle person. But I'm sure someone would love a pretty pocket-sized notebook of blank paper.

Progress: 360 items out of 400 = 90% done.