Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week Seventy-Four, Items 691-700

Jewelry boxes 1-4

I was given several necklaces that came in these boxes. But the necklaces have long since been stored in my jewelry box; I didn't even realize that I still had these. These would be great for taking necklaces on a trip, but my travel jewelry box has a necklace section, so I don't need them.

Pillowcases 8-12

Yet more bedding that was going unused, just taking up space in our linen closet. I really don't know how we accumulated so much, but the linen closet looks so much better now that we've been getting rid of the extra.


This was given to me as a present, even though I am not Catholic. I would actually hate to be a Catholic in the Seattle area. The archbishop here is involved in both the attack on nuns whose efforts are focused on making the world a better place, rather than spreading discrimination and hate, as well as trying to get Washington state's marriage equality law overturned. Suffice it to say that I don't think this belongs in my home.

Progress: 700 items out of 800 = 87.5% done.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week Seventy-Three, Items 685-690


Certainly this is a functional item, but it's just not something we need. If memories and information were as easy to purge as items, I might choose to forget my locker combination from seventh grade. That's not something I need, either. Unfortunately, I've yet to figure out how to selectively de-clutter my brain.

Novelty lighter

Things like this are why I'm glad I got my husband on the de-cluttering bandwagon. I have no idea how he came to own this, but there are few things that we could possibly need less. We don't smoke, and we don't like guns.

Greeting cards 1 and 2

I don't know why we have these two blank and unused greeting cards sitting around. I would just keep them until a suitable card-giving occasion rolled around, but these are both so far from our style (they feature faded photographs of roses) that I would feel strange giving either to anyone.

Ribbon spools 1 and 2

I generally put gifts in gift bags, rather than wrapping them in paper. And even when I do use wrapping paper, I don't use this kind of ribbon with it. Stick-on bows are just so much easier. So we don't need to keep these around.

Progress: 690 items out of 800 = 86.25% done.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week Seventy-Two, Items 677-684

Fleece vest

This vest is so lightweight that it only adds negligible warmth, and the collar comes up high enough to be kind of annoying (though I'm sure it wouldn't bother someone who likes turtlenecks). As a result, I never really wore this, so it can go.

Shirt 105

Several years ago, the Dodgers and the Padres played each other in China. I didn't go to the game, but I  was given this shirt by someone who was there. I do love baseball, so I appreciate the thought. The shirt is an extra-large, though, and I am not an extra-large. I also have more than enough t-shirts.

Pillowcases 5-7

As with sheets, we have more pillowcases than we use. The pillowcases we use regularly are ones made of bamboo, jersey or fleece. None of these fit into that category, so they were just taking up space in the linen closet.

Holiday window clings

This is a strange combo of Christmas, Hanukkah and Christmas-y WSU football window clings. We put them up on the back door, which is glass, during our annual tacky holiday party. But that's always at night—which means that you can't really see these very well. So, as much as I love the Cougars, these can go (besides, I do have several Wazzu ornaments. And they always get prime real estate on the Christmas tree).

Venice picture

Italy is one of my favorite countries on the planet to visit. But Venice is actually not among my favorite cities in Italy. I like this picture, though, and always had it up in my room in college. But there isn't really a spot for it in our house, so it should go to someone else.

Earrings 18

This is a pair of earrings that I never really wore that often. I like the shape, but I'm not especially fond of the color. I much prefer to wear dangly earrings that are bright. So these can go.

Progress: 684 items out of 800 = 85.5% done.