Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week Thirty-Two, Items 254-264

Africa pin

This pin was included in the package of information I got when I signed up to sponsor a child in Africa. I feel fortunate that I was able to make a difference in someone's life, but I don't need to keep this pin. The feeling of having made a difference is what I need—not the pin.

Set of buttons

More odds and ends out of the house! I have no idea what these are from. The only thing I can think of is that they were spare buttons for one of the Christmas sweaters from our annual, intentionally-tacky holiday party (we have kept some, but gotten rid of others).

Orange damask necklace

Yet another instance of thinking I could get myself to branch out (and failing). I rarely wear orange, and I rarely wore this necklace. It's not exactly my style, and it's definitely not a color scheme I go for. Maybe if this had been in different colors, I'd have given it more of a chance.

Cat magnet

Years ago, my husband got me a two-pack of magnets. One of them is funny, and this was the other one. It might make sense to keep it if we had a cat, but we don't. My husband doesn't even like cats. So we don't need to keep this magnet.

Red gift box

I have lots of pretty little boxes and pouches; my parents lived in Beijing for three years, and used boxes and pouches like these for gift-giving during that time. I use them to store jewelry, but don't need to keep all of them. I don't really like red, so I definitely don't need to keep the red ones.

Red gift pouch

Another little gift pouch. This is pretty, but I have other ones in colors I like better. Also, this one is tiny. It's about the size of a penny. It's cute, but I can't really think of anything to do with it, so it can go.

Ribbed tank tops 2 and 3

I wear ribbed tank tops pretty frequently, so I have a lot of them. But I have not worn either of these in ages. The black one is too short for me, but I had kept it because I like it—it has some sparkly threads (just like this gray one. I got the gray and black tank tops at the same time). The olive green one fits, but the color looks awful on me. So these both can go.

Ruched tank top

In going through the clothes I have, I've realized I used to wear lots of things with hoods, ties, ruching, etc. Now I hardly wear those items. This tank top is ruched down each side and has ties at the bottom. It's just not really my style anymore.

Blue capris

These capris are a really lightweight material, which is nice. I used to like them for traveling, because they are neutral and don't take up much room. But I'd just much rather wear a skirt or a dress than capris. So I don't need to keep these.

WSU t-shirt

I am a big Washington State fan, but this shirt is too small for me. It's too short, so I don't ever wear it. But I am okay with getting rid of it because I have two other Wazzu shirts. Besides, there must be a fan out there with a shorter torso who could use this. Go Cougs!

Progress: 264 items out of 400 = 66% done.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week Thirty-One, Items 246-253

Storage boxes 1-5

We used to store our DVDs in these cases, but when we got a new TV stand—which has lots of nice, deep shelves—we moved all of our DVDs directly onto that. This tower of storage bins has just been sitting, unused, in my office since then. In theory, we could use these for something else. But, because we haven't by now, I think it's unlikely that we will. Besides, getting rid of these gets some plastic out of our lives—that's always a good thing!


I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, and my husband never has, either. So how did we end up with a lighter? Well, I bought it when I needed a way to light candles for a spur-of-the-moment birthday celebration. Definitely not the best purchase I've made in my life. And this is definitely not something we need to keep.

Charades game

Charades is a great game for people who are really outgoing, creative and dramatic. I, frankly, am much better at word games! In fact, I was recently at a baby shower where two word-related games were played. I won the first one, and then pretended that I didn't also win the second one. (I did actually win, but thought it would be unseemly to win both games.) Anyway, this game belongs with someone who will enjoy playing it. Charades is just not for me.


I had no idea I still had this! This was an armband I wore during a Take Back the Night march at my college. Take Back the Night is an organization that began in the 1970s; its mission is to end sexual violence against women. Anyway, it's a wonderful organization with an important goal, and I am fortunate to have been able to participate in one of their events. All that said, I do not need to keep the armband I wore in the march.

Progress: 253 items out of 400 = 63.25% done.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week Thirty, Items 239-245

Sudoku game 

Like millions of people, my husband and I love Sudoku. We also love to play board games. So this ought to be perfect for us, right? Unfortunately, Sudoku doesn't really translate well into a board game. We received this as a gift, and appreciate the thought (really, had the game been better designed, it would've been the perfect gift for us!), but we don't need to keep a game we don't play.

Headband 4

I came across yet another headband I don't ever wear. This is the problem with buying things that come in packs. If they don't work for you, for whatever reason, then you have multiple items to deal with. Probably part of the way that people wind up with odds and ends around their houses.

Shower gels 3 and 4

More odds and ends! And yes, more cumbersome beauty supply samples. I have not purchased anything from this company in a while, but the next time I do, I'll be sure to do it in person. That way, I will be able to decline the free samples. I appreciate the sentiment, but I really don't need the samples.

Purse hook

The idea behind this purse hook is that you put the hook on a table, then hang your purse on the hook. That way, you don't have to set your purse on the floor. It's a fine idea, but I don't need this. I'm used to resting my purse strap on my knee when sitting at a table—that works perfectly, so why would I need an object to help me do something else? Also, this is not adjustable, and thus won't fit every table. Finally, I don't think I've ever seen a table and said, "You know what this table needs? Another item on it." Less is more. An item that accomplishes an unnecessary task is itself unnecessary.

Flowered shirt

I used to wear this shirt a lot, but after years of being washed and dried, it is now too short for me. (Since starting this project, I've taken to line-drying clothing items much more often than I used to.) My wardrobe is one of the main things I'm seeking to downsize through this decluttering project, and it's been a relief to go through, try things on and part with things that don't fit as well as they could. It's so much easier to get dressed when I know that things fit.

Soccer jewelry set

I was given these because they are the colors of the Seattle Sounders (my second-favorite soccer team. My ultimate loyalty is still with Bayern Munich!). I love the Sounders, I love jewelry, and I did very much appreciate the thought behind these. But sports and jewelry are things I just don't mix. I wore sports-themed jewelry when I was in elementary school, but I don't do that anymore.

Progress: 245 items out of 400 = 61.25% done.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week Twenty-Nine, Items 231-238

Red shirt

Of course I had to make this red shirt the first item in this post to go! As I think I've mentioned before, I've learned by doing this decluttering project that I don't really like red. Not bright red, anyway. I never wear it. So someone who likes to wear red can get some good use out of this shirt.

Orange shirt

I am usually not a big fan of orange, either. This shirt came in colors I liked better, but I bought it in orange in an attempt to branch out and wear a color I usually don't wear. A number of clothing items I've posted on this blog have been things that are just slightly different from what I typically wear. I always had good intentions when I bought them, but I never wound up wearing them much. This project has definitely taught me that it is not worth it to fight my own style. I like what I like, and that's fine.

Khaki capris

I know several people who would cringe just at hearing the phrase "khaki capris." I definitely think they are hit or miss. These fit well and are comfortable, but they are just too casual for me anymore. Somebody else could get some good use out of them, though.

Gift card holder

As I mentioned earlier, we've still got a fair amount of random odds and ends around the house. This little mitten is one of them. This was used as a gift card holder, and so it could certainly be reused. I won't do it, but someone else could.

Patch and pin

Years ago, one of our friends gave out a bunch of little items that she felt represented each of us. She gave my husband the songbird pin, because he's a singer, and she gave me the patch that says "body shop" because she thought I had a nice figure. The sentiments are still appreciated, but we have not actually done anything with these.

Camera straps 1 and 2

I've had my trusty little point-and-shoot digital camera for nearly six years now. For all that time, these two straps have been sitting in the box. I have a different one that I use and like, and had completely forgotten about these two. I'm sure someone else could use them.

Progress: 238 items out of 400 = 59.5% done.