Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week Sixty-Seven, Items 649-652

Blender accessory

This came with our blender, but we've never used it. We hadn't gotten rid of it yet because we kept thinking we might use it someday, but a 20-ounce measuring cup just isn't on the list of things we need. All it does is take up space.

Perfume samples

There are actually three different perfume samples in here, but since they are all in the same little bag, I'll just count this all as one item. I don't wear perfume, so these are of no use to me.

Towel 3

I don't think they are as visible in the picture as they are in person, but there are some mud stains on this towel that just didn't want to come out. This is one of several reserved for drying off our dog. Our linen closet is small, though, so we don't need as many dog-drying towels as we have.

Shirt 96

I absolutely love the color of this shirt, but I rarely wear button-downs. Also, this shirt is just barely long enough for me. This would get more use if it were in the closet of someone with a shorter torso and a greater affinity for button-downs.

Progress: 652 items out of 800 = 81.5% done.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week Sixty-Six, Items 630-648

Magazines 69-85

My husband recently downsized from a desk that was about the size of a Buick to one that is much smaller and more streamlined (which means more space! I love it). He had a big stack of magazines in his old desk. Not so in the new one!

Shredding scissors

Now that our broken paper shredder has been replaced with a new, functional one, we can get rid of these scissors that I bought as a stop-gap when the old shredder broke (which I'm quite happy about, because using these things was a huge pain). 

Shirt 95

I distinctly remember buying this shirt in an effort to get myself to wear more prints. It didn't work. I still don't typically care for prints other than stripes, and didn't wear this shirt very often. I'm not a big fan of butterflies, and didn't realize until looking at this picture that I think that thing in the middle is supposed to be a butterfly.

Progress: 648 items out of 800 = 81% done.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week Sixty-Five, Items 615-629

Capris 4-6

I used to wear capris a lot, particularly for travel, but it's been ages since I wore a pair other than my jean ones. I prefer skirts or dresses—they're comfier, and don't carry the risk of looking like a soccer mom. So I'll keep my jean capris, but the rest can go.

Shirts 83-94

Between the two of us, we're down nearly 100 shirts! And yet we both still have more than we need (especially me). All 12 of these were my husband's. He was telling me recently about how he's realized that there's a difference between "looking through" and "culling" things, and he's moving more toward culling. Yay!

Progress: 629 items out of 800 = 78.625% done.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week Sixty-Four, Items 607-614

Books 83-88 

The bottom five books are ones that have been read, but won't be re-read. We both love books, but we also both have plenty that we don't actually need. The top book is one of two copies of Huck Finn I owned. One will suffice. I think I was reasonably smart when I was 9, which is how old I was when I first read Huck Finn, but the next time I read it wasn't until 10 years later. Let me just say that reading that book at 19 is vastly different from reading it at 9.

Ref shirt

My husband had this shirt for reffing games, but hasn't needed it in years and decided it could go. I'd never actually seen this until I took a picture of it. 

Waldo shirt 

My husband went as Waldo (as in Where's Waldo?) for the first Halloween we were dating. He painted the red stripes on this shirt because he couldn't find a striped one in stores. His Waldo costume will live on in pictures, but he doesn't need to keep this.

Progress: 614 items out of 800 = 76.75% done.