About This Project

What is 7 Items A Week?

After participating in The Great American Apparel Diet—a challenge to go one year without purchasing new clothes—I gained a new outlook on possessions and consumption. Namely, I realized that I own too many things, and that I want less stuff and more space. For 2011, I've set a goal of getting rid of at least seven items a week. I'm actually aiming to remove a total of 400 items from my house by the end of the year. 

This blog is a place for me to record my progress and thoughts. I'm extremely curious to see when this will shift from an easy decluttering project to one that requires me to make some tougher choices.

What are you doing with the things you get rid of?

Anything useful and in good condition will be donated or given away via Freecycle. Other things will be recycled or thrown away as necessary.

Do you have any other rules?

Nothing that I would have thrown out or recycled in the course of daily life will count toward my item total. Neither will any items that I replace throughout the year.