Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week Seventy-One, Items 671-676

Shirt 101

Well, we've passed the 100 shirt mark! I can't believe we (okay, mostly me) had so many clothes that we weren't really wearing that we can donate so many and only make a dent in what we have to wear. Anyway, this lace-covered tube top was great when I was younger, but my 30th birthday is approaching far too rapidly for me to keep it.

Shirts 102-104

These three shirts also reflect what I wore when I was younger. But the casual/athletic combination isn't really my style anymore, so these haven't seen much use in the past few years.

Skirt 2

This skirt was a hand-me-down, and while I like the colors, the pattern is just a little much for me. So this didn't get worn very often. It should be handed down to someone who likes busier patterns than I do. (I'm really pretty boring, pattern-wise.)

Sunglasses 4

Seattle supposedly sells more sunglasses per capita than any other major city in the nation. Maybe it's because we can go so long without using them that we forget where they are and have to replace them. Anyway, I do have some sunglasses that I like, and these are not them. This pair can go.

676 items out of 800 = 84.5% done.

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